Thursday, January 20, 2005

Reviews So Far:

(1) The boyfriend: "I like it, but the rainbow picture is sort of gay."

Me: Well, yeah, but that's sort of the point.

(2) Friend: I like it!

Me: Thanks!

(3) Anonomous Emailer Commenting on my 'First DOMA Challenge Fails' post: "I don't necessarily think that you are incorrect, esp. about the lawyer's ambitions, but I do think that the route of lawsuits is just as effective and maybe also just as necessary as the route of changing hearts and minds that you described....if you have to wait for every person who thinks that they are god to decide to allow you to have basic human rights, then you will live a long time (if they let you live at all) without them."

Me: The emailer makes excellent points, and I don't deny that the use of lawsuits can, under certain circumstances, be an effective and even necessary strategy. I just don't think marriage is one of them, especially now in the current political climate. I also think it should be noted that many of the Supreme Court's alleged successes, especially Brown, took many years before they much effect in the real world, and that the leaders of the civil rights movement didn't just sit on their hands during the meantime. Instead they went directly to the "people," organizing marches, demonstrations, and boycotts that were intended to appeal directy to the conscience of the American people and that did.

Of course, the LGBT movement has its marches, but they tend either to get ignored by the MSM or, worse, scoffed. (There's a reason the Daily Show, the Onion, and other liberal comedy outlets make fun of pride parades). Meanwhile, we have yet to see the emergence of a gay Martin Luther King, John Lewis, or Rosa Parks.

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