Friday, January 21, 2005

Doin' the Nasty:

I recently reread Tom Wolfe's essay "Hooking Up." If you haven't already done so, read it. It's pretty bracing stuff.

This passage in particular caught my attention:
With the onset of puberty, males [at the turn of the millennium] were able to get sexual enjoyment so easily, so casually, that junior high schools as far apart geographically and socially as the slums of the South Bronx and Washington's posh suburbs of Arlington and Talbot County, Virginia, began reporting a new discipline problem. Thirteen- and fourteen-year-old girls were getting down on their knees and fellating boys in corridors and stairwells during the two-minute break between classes. One thirteen-year-old in New York, asked by a teacher how she could do such a thing, replied: "It's nasty, but I need to satisfy my man." Nasty was an aesthetic rather than a moral or hygienic judgment. In the year 2000, boys and girls did not consider fellatio to be a truely sexual act, any more than tonsil hockey. It was just "fooling around."
What's interesting is that many courts have reached the exact same conclusion. In my sexual orientation and the law class, we recently read a divorce case where the Supreme Court of New Hampshire held that a wife did not commit adultery when she had sexual relations with another woman because, inter alia, such sex does not involve the "insertion of the penis in the vagina." And people say that law school is boring....

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