Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Idol Watch: "You weren't annoying in the slightest," Simon Cowell told American Idol hopeful Mikalah Gordon last night, "because you weren't talking." Ouch.

By far the best performance of the week, however, was that of 29-year-old rocker Bo Bice, whose stirring and suprisingly authentic rendition of "Whipping Post" Monday night was a welcome change from the safe, boring performances of the other contestants.

Here's my prediction of who'll get booted this week:

(1) Janay Castine (cute, but not that great of a singer, and an even worse performer);

(2) Vonzell Solomon (likable, but an "overcooked performance," as Simon put it);

(3) Constantine Maroulis (the uninspired, off-key rendition of "Hard to Handle" was even harder to listen to); and

(4) Nikko Smith (surely I couldn't have been the only one whose response to his version of "Let's Get It On" was the thought: "not unless you've got a lot of money").

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